Information & Telecommunications Specialist

Job Description

Vacancy Division: Operations Department

Position:  Information & Telecommunications Specialist

Report To: Operations Manager

Information and Telecommunications Specialist – Malawi

The IT engineer will be part of the IT team in SolarWorks Malawi reporting directly to the Operations Manager. The IT team implements and maintains all IT systems required for the company to operate efficiently and effectively, using state of the art IT technologies, platforms and equipment in an Innovative environment.

The team has two key competences:

(1) Telecommunications – establishing and developing telecommunications systems: office wired and wireless networks, IP-PBX system for the callcenter, staff computers and mobile phones, providing support to staff workers through the IT helpdesk;

(II) Cloud Platforms – The team also supports the selection, Implementation and development of cloud based software platforms and tools to be used by the several areas of the company. The company uses an application layer architecture for its IT back-end, supported on Amazon Web services, orchestrating both custom-made as well as off-the shelf cloud based applications such as CRM, Ticketing System and Accounting Software. The company has an exciting pipeline of projects and products in the area of Internet-of-Things, Machine learning and Datalake.

IT Specialists Job Function & Responsibilities

Ideally the role will work on both key areas of the IT team, but specialization in either Telecommunications or Cloud Platforms is possible. The daily activities of the function are:

  • Defining and managing processes for IT tasks to be executed
  • Executing software configurations or changes, hardware changes to computer, servers, routers and switches and mobile equipment, locally or remotely;
  • Administrating cloud-based tools for CRM, document management, email management, security, etc;
  • Elaborating and updating manuals for how staff should use the IT tools,
  • Provide local and remote support to staff in resolving IT related problems;
  • Coordinating with external suppliers and colleagues in other countries under a project plan, with tasks and goals;
  • Analyzing data generated by several sources to troubleshoot problems or produce reports;
  • Implement custom solutions for specific IT problems that need coding, a databased setup or some data automation.

Requirements And Qualifications

  • Engineering degree or equivalent technical training in the area of telecommunications or software engineering
  • Professional or personal experience with setting up and maintaining telecommunications networks: understanding of the IP stack, wired and wireless networks, IP network protocols, firewall, routers and switches functioning and configuration.
  • Coding experience with at least one modern coding language: python, php, javascript, java, R, rubyonrails, C++, etc.
  • Professional or personal experience with setting up a website or API.
  • Good English reading and speaking capability.


The person shall be a self-learner, self-motivated into searching for solutions to a problem, talking to people or learning online, instead of waiting for directions.

Solarworks IT challenge

Solarworks is not an IT company, but one that uses IT technologies to improve the Solar Home systems business. IT at solarworks is not a side show but rather a central infrastructure and capability that makes or breaks a sustainable business. The IT Specialist at solarworks will be challenged by a wide variety of projects using state-of-the art technologies, for which he must continuously learn and adapt, finding and implementing solutions with immediate and direct impact in the business and its customers, quickly evolving into a capable all-round IT engineer.


The job will be primarily based in the headquarters in Lilongwe, Kanengo, with occasional travelling to support regional offices.

How to apply

Submit your applications to: 

Email: [email protected] 

Deadline: 8 January 2021

Skills Required

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