ODG Optometric Technician

Job Description

Position: ODG Optometric Technician 

GoodVisionGlasses Malawi – About the Organization 

GoodVisionGlasses is a brand name of a German Non-Profit organization, registered in  Malawi as OneDollarGlasses Ltd, and is CONGOMA certified. The mission of  GoodVisionGlasses is to provide high-quality GoodVisionGlasses to all people in need  nationwide. This will be achieved by spherical correction in all clients with uncorrected  spherical errors. The Optometric Technician is a key position to secure and improve the  optical standards of GoodVisionGlasses in Malawi. Key roles of the position is to provide  optical screening and care to clients, support capacity building of the  GoodVisionOpticians, lead in quality control, and enhance referral of complicated cases  and clients with other pathologies into care. This document details the job description  and deliverables of the incumbent, upon joining the team as soon as possible. 

Position Description 

The objective of the position is to provide optical leadership and supervision for Good  Vision Opticians. The Optometric Technician will be responsible to manage optical  quality by monitoring the progress in stores, outreaches and the entire team(s) of  GoodVisionGlasses. S/He has to identify optical shortcomings and implement  improvements among GoodVisionOpticians, and enhance referral network to care and  treatment of complicated cases and eye diseases. 

The Optometric Technician will be the Optical Supervisor for all the current and future  GVO´s. S/He will organize interviews and select new recruitments in cooperation with  the line Manager. This includes the full responsibility to train and teach new recruits according to the Optical Manual.  

In addition to new recruitments, s/he will ensure that the Optical Quality Standards of all  current GVO´s in the team are perfect and efficient.  

The Optometric Technician will control, provide and improve the optical equipment in  consultation with other Optometric Technicians, international Opticians resident in  Malawi and abroad, and the German Optical Board. In addition, s/he will support the  Sales and Inventory Department to maintain the current sales process and stock  counting.  

The Optometric Technician is working together with other Optometric Technicians, the  Sales team, Inventory Officer and management and leadership. 

The Optometric Technician reports to the Country Director or his designate and to the  German Optical Board. 


Our Expectations:  

  • Qualification as Optometric Technician with experience in optics and sales
  • Empathy and teaching skills, with a strong focus on optical quality and sales skills (Teaching experience will be a plus) 
  • Excellent manual know-how with glasses and other materials, to train and control  the Good Vision Opticians 
  • Highly self-motivated to train and teach the optical staff to support the goals of  GoodVisionGlasses in Malawi 
  • Cooperation with all GVO’s to get detailed insights of the work of the opticians
  • Ability to observe, train and communicate on an objective point of view for a clear  optical and sales quality control 
  • Capability to be creative and communicative to generate ideas to improve our  product and marketing process 
  • Willingness for self-improvement and consequent work structure.
  • Medical Council of Malawi registration and recognition. 

Main tasks / Responsibilities 

  • Lead in clients screening, eye testing and prescription and dispensation of the  GoodVisionGlasses to clients in need and provide support services.
    • Provide ongoing support to GoodVisionOpticians in screening and  diagnosis of clients in need of spherical correction. 
    • Conduct quality check on standard screening and eye testing procedures  among GoodVisionOpticians.  
    • Identify and arrange to refer clients with complicated vision problems  (astigmatism, growth, neoplasms, uveitis, etc) to care and support.  o Create referral system for all clients in need of other optical solution, or  have other medical or surgical eye conditions. 
  • Recruit and Train GoodVisionOpticians 
    • Managing the interview process in cooperation with the sales department from  selection to hiring to find the most suitable employees for the desired location o Training of the GVO’s to get the full knowledge according to the optic manual  and the internal procedures 
    • Responsible for support and additional training of new and current GVO’s on field 
    • Permanent controlling and teaching of optical and sale skills on-field and off field 
    • Proper budgeting of the trainings in cooperation with Country Director and  Area Operation Manager depending on location.
  • Supervision of all optical processes in the assigned geographical area according  to the locations where the organization is operating 
    • Periodic reporting and evaluation of the Quality Standards of the Good Vision Opticians 
    • Controlling the optical and sales performance of GVO´s in stores and  outreaches according the actual Optic Manual 
    • Close collaboration with the GVO´s on outreaches and in stores o Supervision and supporting of big events like Store Openings, Awareness  Campaigns or Outreaches 
  • Supervision and organization of the Optical Standard Equipment and support of  store interior and structure 
    • Regularly controlling and reporting of optical equipment from each GVO to  ensure that they are using this equipment properly. 
    • Lead in correct counting of materials and reports, ensuring consistent stock  availability at all times. 
    • Supporting and ensuring that the optical and sales processes operate properly in new stores and locations 
    • Full knowledge about the processes on the field (Optic Skills, Sales Processes,  Daily Reporting, Stock Counting, Shop Interior, Health Insurances, …) o Reporting of problems regarding the processes of stores or outreaches to the sales department and inventory department  
  • Implementation of new optical and sales guidelines concerning the Quality  Standards of GoodVisionGlasses 
    • Assurance that GVO´s understand and use the current and/or new  implemented guidelines 
    • Maintenance of the Quality Standards of GoodVisionGlasses 
    • Periodic reporting to the German optical board 
    • Strict supervision of the procedures in stores and outreaches 


  • Skills in Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint. 
  • Diploma as an Optometric Technician or higher, which allows working in  accordance to the Medical Council of Malawi’s specifications.  
  • Training and mentorship skills. 
  • Planning, reporting and motivation to serve underprivileged and poor  communities. 

How to apply

Applications should be forwarded to


The Country Coordinator


P/Bag 96


Physical address:  Area 14/62 off Presidential Driveway

Email  [email protected]



Deadline is Friday the 4th Dec 2020

Skills Required

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